Looking for critics.

2013-02-20 04:39:28 by ChiiFace

Lamp Lighters, my current writing project, is looking for a read and a comment. Wait, let me rephrase that. A comment and Constructive Criticism.

Just click my link tab to my Blog for chapter one. (Which actually isn't finished yet either.)
Tell me what you think. In the mean time i'll try to restart my old noggin.


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2013-03-08 00:43:24

Hello there,I happened to come across your post and thought it would be quite interesting to check out your blog although I am not much of a critic.Your writing skills are very polished,from what I can see so far,the variety of words used to describe every character's action,speech,events that are happening and the settings add life to the story through its rich descriptions and quite well- created plot that allows avid readers to imagine the scenes.For example,you wrote how 'orange rays of Artificial Sun' landing softly on charred remains like 'a kiss goodnight' in a dark setting.This example is quite a clever use of a simile which creates an engaging scene,making the reader wanting to read more.I can't point out any problems,so this is not really a balanced review.You also have quite a talent for art,so why not create some for your story?It could make it more interesting.Good work and keep it up!
(Oh and before I forget,today is for celebrating everything feminine and everything you ladies have done for us,so I shall take this chance to wish you a Happy International Women's Day!)

ChiiFace responds:

Hello Mchectoril.
Thanks so much for your review, i really appreciate it! I'm glad you found the read a good one. If you honestly have nothing negative to say then that's okay too. I'll keep what you have said in mind, however and try to continue the good in my writing style.
I plan to create some art for my story in a short while, maybe next week. I've needed models so i've not started just yet. I'm so looking forward to it though. It'll be Ellet and Yamota for a front cover of the book.
And thanks! I have had a lovely woman's day, made even better from your comment. If you need a favour returning then i'm all ears (or eyes). Until then, take care, and thanks again!


2013-03-11 04:27:10

Don't mention it,I was only give my two cents worth.You have a talent and skill for writing,so I am guessing that you are hoping to be a writer or novelist in future?Do not worry about returning any favours for it was a pleasure to help on my part.It is great to hear that you had an enjoyable day,so I hope that you would have more of such wonderful moments everyday and that I will hear or see more from you soon!

Take care!And thank you for taking your time in writing a response!


2013-03-11 09:11:24

Ignore the last comment if you received it in your mail,I am just making sure.


2013-05-16 00:36:25

I forgot to wish you a Happy International Family Day!