Entry #3

M for Mature

2013-11-22 09:13:58 by ChiiFace

I have recently noticed how amazingly coincidental it is, that a submission with an 'M' over the entry has so many more views than one with an 'E'. Please tell me this is my imagination, or has this site really become like this?
No longer is this a place to recieve helpful feedback on submissions, but a place for 12 year olds to come looking for furry-porn.
I guess that is the problem when a site has everything by everyone, many artists but few who really appreciate art.
Maybe it's human nature to click on an image that more than likely has BOOBS rather than a peice consisting of deeper meaning and reasoning.
Or perhaps I am over-exaggerating? I hope I am...


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2013-11-22 09:39:17

Sex sells, it's a fact of life. This site was always "like this" in that adult content always got more views, but that's just the way the world is, not just NG.

Perhaps you can at least take solace in the idea that, while adult content may be more popular, it isn't appreciated as much (or at least in the same way) as non-adult content with more meaning behind it.

ChiiFace responds:

True is true! Sex does sell. And you're right, I guess it's just a fact of like that i'm not happy about. But i'm sure i'll live ~ Thanks.


2013-11-22 09:43:47

Kind words, it's one thing that this world need, and you proven that you're much more mature than these people, thanks for the post, be what you're, because people like you are very rare and important today.

ChiiFace responds:

Thanks for the response! It's nice to know that i'm not on my own here. I wondered if my post would get hate, but i'm glad it's not like that with everyone, so thanks.


2014-04-27 13:02:23

more views doesnt mean much, i think the score matters more, and i allways see that the artworks wich are Geniuinely good, aka meaningfull stuff, like awesome view drawing, heartwarming or sad feeling giving artworks that are well drawn and shaded's scores are allways higher than just artworks with boobs and nothing else. just sayin


2015-04-29 00:55:09

Well, of course it's that way. M stands for 'many,' and E stands for 'eh.' ;)

...I sure am late to this conversation!! xD