M for Mature

2013-11-22 09:13:58 by ChiiFace

I have recently noticed how amazingly coincidental it is, that a submission with an 'M' over the entry has so many more views than one with an 'E'. Please tell me this is my imagination, or has this site really become like this?
No longer is this a place to recieve helpful feedback on submissions, but a place for 12 year olds to come looking for furry-porn.
I guess that is the problem when a site has everything by everyone, many artists but few who really appreciate art.
Maybe it's human nature to click on an image that more than likely has BOOBS rather than a peice consisting of deeper meaning and reasoning.
Or perhaps I am over-exaggerating? I hope I am...

Looking for critics.

2013-02-20 04:39:28 by ChiiFace

Lamp Lighters, my current writing project, is looking for a read and a comment. Wait, let me rephrase that. A comment and Constructive Criticism.

Just click my link tab to my Blog for chapter one. (Which actually isn't finished yet either.)
Tell me what you think. In the mean time i'll try to restart my old noggin.


2013-02-16 13:52:42 by ChiiFace

An art teacher of mine once said that Anime is not art. Whilst i agree with that comment, it's still bloody fun to draw! For a begginer like me, it's a good way to get to grips with the program without creating a mess that bums me out. Eventually i will do other things but at the minute i'm having a blast so STICK IT teacher!